Using TikTok Ads to grow your aesthetics clinic

You devote countless hours to your aesthetic business. Now you deserve to reap the rewards of a bulging appointment book. The question is: can TikTok Ads help you to grow your clinic?

In vogue, on trend and very much the platform du jour. No mobile app was downloaded more in 2021 than TikTok. As users surge, TikTok is no longer simply a platform where kids gawp at clips of each other dancing. Your audience is there – and TikTok is well suited to promoting aesthetic treatments. But if you want to take advantage of strong growth potential, it’s best to get moving pronto.


“The digital strategy the Adbetter team created for us immediately started paying for itself several times over in just the first month, by delivering significant new customer revenue. It also has allowed us to open up our customer base to new audiences that I never thought would be our target audience.”

Kiana Djazeb, Director & Founder, Snatch & Glow

One quick thing, before we begin…

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What are TikTok Ads?

Short of a marketing budget that stretches into the tens of thousands, the most cost-effective way to promote an aesthetics clinic on TikTok is with In-Feed Ads. These are snippets of video content that appear as a user scrolls their feed.

In-Feed Ads have a time limit of 60 seconds, though TikTok recommend a sweet spot of 9-15 seconds. You have a huge amount of creative freedom – more on that below – and can add a call to action that drives users to your website, a form or something else. Nice.

Do In-Feed Ads work? Research says yes. A study by Neuro-Insight found that TikTok In-Feed ads achieve 23% higher detail memory than television ads. Best advice? Before you dive into creating your own ads, join TikTok for yourself and get used to the platform.

In other words, find out what makes TikTok tick.

What type of audience can you reach on TikTok?

TikTok has been the fastest social media platform to build an audience of one billion users. But who are they? Well, the user base has matured and diversified from the twerking teens of yore. According to US demographic data, 53% of TikTok users are aged 30 and over – and there are tools to help you target users by age, location, interests and more.

But while TikTok has swollen with users, it remains relatively fresh ground for brands and marketers. In short: your audience is there. Your competitors are not

That gives you a fertile seedbed in which to grow a new audience for your clinic. And the data backs it up.

Consider these stats, which make for appetising reading.

All of which is great news for promoting your aesthetics clinic. But what sort of content should you create for your ads?

Don’t make ads, make TikToks…

TikTok advertising gives you the freedom to be innovative. But it has authentic, platform-native creative content at its heart. You can’t just repurpose videos from other social media platforms and expect it to work. A warts-and-all mindset is something you should embrace for TikTok, which is unlike any other social media platform. Everyone is a video producer and polished content is not the norm. So ditch the Hollywood production credentials and aim for candid authenticity.

You have a big advantage in that TikTok is already a popular platform for things like make-up tutorials, skincare regimes and beauty hacks. So ads for aesthetic treatments are going to feel quite native and appropriate for the platform. Here are some ideas for the type of content you could produce:

  • Walkthroughs of specific treatments explaining the process and the results
  • A video compilation that reveals a day in the life of an aesthetic specialist
  • Bust some of the myths about certain treatments or call out bad practice
  • Interview previous customers talking about treatments they have received

There are several features within the app that will help you shoot, edit and publish your video straight from your smartphone. Just remember: people aren’t opening TikTok to learn about your clinic. Keep your ads punchy, informative and engaging. For more tips on creating content that nudges people to take action:

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Rules and regulations for TikTok ads

Of course, the ‘before and after’ style of marketing has long been the go-to for promoting cosmetic treatments. But be careful. Regulations have massively tightened up regarding the use of before and after shots – and on many social media platforms they are banned completely.

TikTok does allow before and after shots. But take care to make sure the lighting and camera distances are the same in every shot. It’s worth taking the time to get a set routine for each procedure: taking photos in the same place, with the same lighting and even sticking tape on the floor so you have the same distances between the camera and your client. That way everything in your photos will be consistent, allowing you to showcase the difference your treatments have made.

>> Clinical photography for aesthetic professionals

Some other tips for avoiding a regulatory wrap on the knuckles:

  • Make sure your language is as clear as possible
  • Make it clear that your cosmetic procedures are not medical procedures
  • Don’t make any unrealistic claims – e.g. “it will take 20 years off!”
  • Talk about the nuances of each treatment – e.g. there’s more than one type of bum filler procedure
  • When editing images of your client following a treatment, you cannot alter the part of the image showing the results of the procedure

Some other things to be aware of:

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How much do TikTok ads cost?

In short: it varies based on the type of audience you are targeting – and how long you want your ad to run for. TikTok’s pricing policy isn’t public knowledge. But research suggests that cost-per-click is around $1, and cost-per-view can be as low as $0.03.

Your next customers are waiting.
Let’s find them.

TikTok isn’t the easiest platform for getting started with paid ads. But if you feel bold, it’s a platform that ticks (and tocks) a lot of boxes for aesthetic clinics – with the potential to drive a steady stream of new customers to your door. Yet for paid media to succeed you need a holistic approach. Return on investment is achieved by getting your analytics in place and being driven by data: doubling down on what works, ditching what doesn’t.

But what if you wanted to be sure that would avoid wasted spend and maximise bang for your buck?

Here at Adbetter we have proven customer generation strategies for TikTok – and we can share them with you. In fact we only work with businesses where we are 100% sure we can deliver new customers and revenue growth. We can take care of everything on your behalf. No secretive processes. No confusing marketing terminology. Just fully transparent lead generation and a live reporting dashboard showing the results we are getting for your business.

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