6 expert tips for real estate retargeting ads

If you’re reading an article about real estate retargeting ads, then congratulations are in order. Your PPC lead generation activities are getting results!

In many ways, acquiring leads to remarket to is the hardest part of the customer acquisition process. So let’s take a look at tactics to make sure your real estate retargeting ads are working as hard as possible for your business.

Before we begin…

In the property and real estate sector, your retargeting efforts are crucial to closing deals. With a typical lead-to-close time of six months, you have to gently nurture your leads towards conversion – and that can take expertise. We have that expertise.

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Matthew Fawl, Director, Alesco Investment Property

1. Choose the right platform

Logic dictates retargeting your leads on the same platform that they originally clicked through from. Yet if you have the right tracking technology installed on your website, you can reach out to your leads with a new campaign on a different channel: Facebook, Instagram, even TikTok. Worth considering. It adds an element of surprise to your marketing that can make your brand more memorable.

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2. Bring your leads in from the cold

Any new leads should be excluded from your cold PPC activities across all channels where you have active campaigns. Serving cold lead gen ads to people who have already expressed an interest in your business can frustrate prospects and dissuade them from pursuing further interest in your services. It’s also a waste of your ad budget.

3. Echo your main funnel activities

Any new leads should go into a customer acquisition funnel that’s carefully designed to nurture your lead towards becoming a customer. As stated earlier, this typically takes over six months in the property investment sector.

One of the best channels for this nurture campaign is email marketing. The aim is to gently educate your lead about the investment opportunities you can offer them. The benefits of working with you. Building your credibility as a brand.

Your PPC retargeting ads should echo this activity. If your email marketing includes customer testimonials – and it should – then maybe these are worth sharing on your PPC channels too. Give your leads reminders that they have content – useful content – waiting for them in their email inbox. Invite them to schedule a meeting with one of your team to discuss their investment ambitions. (More on that in a sec.) Be real. Be relevant. Be helpful. It’s all about building familiarity and keeping your brand front of mind.

4. Make it personal

Your real estate retargeting ads should be as personalised as possible – based on the lead acquisition method. If you asked the right questions at the point of data capture, you will have some rich information with which to nurture your leads – such as their budget, their desired investment location and so on. The more you can make your lead feel you are carefully considering their position – and trying to help – the more likely they are to convert. The days of batch and blast marketing are very much numbered.

5. Get to a meeting as quickly as possible

We’ll start this bit with a necessary warning. While the ultimate aim of your retargeting campaign is to drive revenue, trying to convert your leads too quickly or too explicitly will likely send them running for the hills. Or your competitors. Either way, it’s bad. Softly, softly is usually the best way.

Having said that, you should be aiming to get your leads to schedule a meeting or phone call with you as soon as possible. Certainly ideally within the first few weeks of the lead acquisition date – even if that’s just to touch base and introduce yourself. The time to a call or meeting has a direct correlation with the likelihood of conversion. You can encourage meeting scheduling on Facebook and Instagram using the ‘Contact us’ CTA button.

6. Test, test, test

One image, one caption. That would be a bad way to execute your real estate PPC retargeting campaigns. For each campaign you have the option to add a number of image and caption variants. That’s an option you should take. Facebook and Instagram do a lot of clever stuff in the background, algorithmically testing the various image/caption combinations to find out what works best. Then the best converting options will be served preferentially – increasing your chances of engagement and conversion. No brainer.

Your ads. Done better.

Thanks for reading. We’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with PPC retargeting. As an agency that specialises in paid media, we know what converts. Add up all the little strategies that optimise performance for things like captions, images, CTAs and audience targeting and it can have a huge impact on your conversion rates and return on ad spend. If you want some of our secret sauce, complete this form to request a free proposal.

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