Is TikTok good for lead generation?

Business is business. To thrive, you need a steady stream of new leads. So let’s answer one key question: is TikTok good for lead generation.

Likes. Comments. Follows. All well and good for raising your profile. But sometimes the only metric that matters is leads. And TikTok really is a goldmine for finding them. In fact the potential is huge.

One quick thing before we start…

What if we told you there is a way to run digital ads that practically guarantees ROI? Brands come to us to drive big, really big, returns through paid media. It won’t cost you a penny to find out how.

“Since working with Adbetter, our lead volumes from paid media channels have increased over 1400% whilst maintaining a low cost per lead.”

Matthew Fawl, Director, Alesco Investment Property

TikTok: Your audience is there. You should be too.

As a brand marketer, you need to know that the type of people who want to buy your product or service are using TikTok.

To cut to the chase, they are.

With over one billion monthly active users, TikTok is a vast smorgasbord of demographics. And it’s still growing – primed to overtake Facebook and Instagram as the kingpin of social media advertising.

Get rid of the notion that TikTok is full of kids dancing. In the right hands, TikTok is a digital marketer’s dream.

And yet, many brands have been slow to make moves with TikTok. In short, your audience is there. But your competitors may not be.

That offers huge opportunities.

At the very least, you should get your profile and start creating content. But in terms of reach, results and revenue, you can go much further with TikTok’s lead generation ads.

Native lead generation tools make it easy to cast your marketing net

Isn’t it nice when things are easy? The bigwigs behind TikTok’s advertising environment clearly agree. One of the reasons that TikTok is so good for lead generation is there are low barriers to conversion. TikTok make it seamless for users to interact with brands. Not least with TikTok’s Instant Form, where users can share contact information, learn about your business, answer your questions, register for webinars, schedule appointments and more – all without leaving the app.

Instant Forms are abundantly customisable. You can ask all kinds of questions, and gather all kinds of information from your chosen audience. Whatever is relevant to your customer acquisition efforts. When a user goes to complete your form, certain known fields (such as name and location) will be pre populated from their profile information. It’s a small detail that makes it that little bit easier for customers to convert. And yes, before you ask, Instant Forms can be customised visually to fit your brand identity. Fetch your hex codes.

5 TikTok lead generation use cases

With a little imagination, TikTok’s lead generation ads can be used for all kinds of industries. Here are some quick examples.

1. Retail/FMCG

  • Create a form for people to sign up for your loyalty/reward scheme.
  • Offer free samples or discount codes to build buzz about a new product.
  • Promote registration for a unique in-store event.

2. Automotive

  • Allow customers to book a test drive.
  • Schedule a callback to find out about finance/leasing options.

3. Beauty and aesthetics

  • Encourage people to sign up for a free consultation
  • Invite local people to a new salon opening event.


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4. Professional services

  • Offer a free guide that your audience will find useful (e.g. an accountancy firm might offer a guide to preparing end of year accounts).
  • Run a survey on the biggest customer pain points related to your industry (e.g. “what do you find most frustrating about filing your end of year accounts?”.

5. Education

  • Offer a free physical copy of your course prospectus.
  • Invite people to your open day (tote bags and pin badges, yes please).

TikTok plays nicely with your martech stack

Gathering data means nothing unless you use it. And when it comes to lead generation campaigns, interpreting your data is key to making sure your budget is accountable and effective. You can sync data from your TikTok campaigns directly with your CRM and other marketing tools using the TikTok API, or a tool like Zapier. (Here’s how.) That means you can keep your data centralised. And your dev team can heave a sigh of relief.

Of course, you can download your data directly from TikTok too – if you’d rather keep things siloed. Either way, your campaign information is available immediately. You will be able to see how your ad is performing in real time. And act on new customer behaviours as they happen.

Nurture your leads with TikTok pixel

TikTok lead generation doesn’t have to exist solely within the app. You can drive traffic to your website too – or a specific landing page. And thanks to TikTok Pixel, you can get clever about how you nurture new leads.

TikTok Pixel is a piece of code that sits on your website and gathers information about people who are clicking through to your website from the app. It gives you intel on how people are interacting with your content. So you can serve them more relevant ads on TikTok when it comes to your future remarketing efforts.

How do TikTok ads work?

In the early days of social media advertising, Facebook had to endure all sorts of growing pains to create a seamless interface for advertisers. No such problems for new (but major) players like TikTok.

If you have ever advertised on Facebook or Instagram you will find TikTok’s ad interface reassuringly familiar and satisfyingly streamlined. If you haven’t, you will get the hang of TikTok advertising in no time.

Creating a new lead generation ad is dead easy.

1. Set up TikTok for Business

Start a new account and follow the instructions. If you already have a regular TikTok account you can easily switch to a business account. Navigate to the “Me” page, tap “…” in the top right corner, then hit “Settings and Privacy.” Select “Manage Account” then tap “Switch to Business Account”.

2. Create an ad

Navigate to the Ads Manager dashboard and click “Create an Ad”. TikTok will prompt you to create an advertising goal. Select “Generate customer leads” and continue.

3. Define your audience

On this screen you can define the geographic location(s) that your ad will run in. You can also refine your audience by demographics. Or let TikTok automatically pick the audience that is most likely to be receptive to your campaign.

4. Set your budget

Select your budget, your currency, and the dates on which your ad will run. If this is your first time advertising on TikTok, you may want to be reserved with your budget until you feel more confident. Set the timeframe in which you want your ad to run and continue.

5. Create your ad

Upload or shoot your video, add any filters or caption overlays and, if desired, choose some music to accompany your ad. Then it’s time to upload.

6. Upload your ad

Once your ad has uploaded you will be given options to add other promotional content such as your brand name, a caption and a call to action.

7. Create your Instant From

Hit the “Create” button under the Instant Form section. A window will pop up with your options. The Instant Form defaults to two fields for your lead: name and email address. You can change these and/or add more fields if you wish.

The second page of your form is a customisable thank you page – where you can add a CTA to drive leads to your website or a separate landing page. You can preview your form as you go. Once you’re happy, click “Save” and finally “Complete”.

All set!

TikTok lead generation ads: 4 success stories

The hype around lead generation isn’t just the normal bluster from marketers eager to flap their gums. Real brands are getting real results.

  • MYX: Drove thousands of new leads for their business while reducing cost per lead by 97% compared to previous campaigns (case study).
  • Srisawad: Increased conversions by 4% while reducing cost per lead by 25% (case study).
  • Nina Ricci: Achieved 41% conversion rate and 1.5% clickthrough rate, with an 83% reduction in cost per lead (case study).
  • Lazada: Reached millions of accounts – 47% of people who completed their lead gen form became a customer within a week (case study).

What are the cons to TikTok advertising?

We’re not here to sugarcoat things. Or create false impressions. TikTok can be a tough nut to crack because it’s such a unique environment. Content ages fast and your ads are likely to fatigue quickly. Without a considerable amount of time, the reality is that you are likely better off with lead gen activities on Facebook and Instagram in terms of raw conversion.

But that is changing. Fast.

While the aforementioned platforms are plateauing in terms of new users and ad conversion, TikTok continues to grow. The sooner you start spending money there, the sooner you can gather data on what works for your brand and outmanoeuvre your competitors.

Worth throwing some money at? Very much so.

Make your ad spend work harder for your business

We’re not like other paid media agencies. We only agree to work together when we know our expertise can get big returns for your business. That makes partnering with us cost negative. Could you be one of the businesses that benefits? It’s free to find out.

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