Clinical photography for aesthetic professionals

No overstatement. The photography you use to promote your business can make or break your marketing. It pays – almost literally – to have the right approach to your imagery. Here are some ideas.

A big part of driving results with marketing and advertising is getting your photography right. There’s reams of content strewn across the web about the nuances of photography. So we’re not going to talk about aperture openings, shutter speed or negative fills.

This is an article about photography from a marketer’s perspective – and how getting it right will improve lead generation, boost the conversion rates of your social media ads and drive more customers to your clinic.

One quick thing, before we begin

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No to stock imagery

Stock imagery is boring, outdated and unimaginative. That’s a set of adjectives that should never be associated with your brand. So if you can avoid stock photography, you really, really should. And there are few excuses.


Snap, snap, snap

The smartphone you have in your pocket is millions of times more sophisticated than the technology NASA engineers used to control the Apollo 11 mission. Right there in your pocket you have a device that allows you to capture, edit and publish images within a matter of seconds.

Use it.

Okay, taking responsibility for your own marketing photography can be daunting. The solution? Snap, snap and snap again. Get used to taking photos of your clinic, your staff and your clients (with their permission). Make it a habit. Become accustomed to shooting short videos of yourself discussing treatments.

Before you know it, creating your own visual marketing assets will be second nature. That’s a good thing. Showcasing your own photography establishes your credibility as a brand. It builds your identity with something that is uniquely yours. It’s authentic. And in an age of consumer mistrust in marketing, authenticity is persuasive.

Before and after: the holy grail of aesthetics marketing?

Before and after shots. There are few better ways of showcasing the impact of your treatments. But there’s a lot more to them than pointing the lens and clicking. Consistently superb before and after shots are a meticulous art.  

You need to follow the same process every time. Shooting from the same distance. Using the same camera settings. And who knew electrical tape would come in handy? (There are some fantastic tips here.) It’s a little extra legwork, but the effort will be worth it when you have a catalogue of photography that perfectly demonstrates the results you can achieve for your clients.

But be careful.

There are tight regulations surrounding the use of before and after photos to promote aesthetic treatments. In fact, they are banned from ads on Facebook and Instagram. There’s also rules on the extent to which you can edit the images once they are captured. We explain more in the article below.

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Beyond before, away from after

Of course, it’s not all about before and after shots. There’s a multitude of photographic and video content to explore. Test a variety. Explore what feels right for your clinic, your brand and your ambitions as a business.

Here are some ideas for the type of content you could explore:

  • Walkthroughs of specific treatments explaining the process and the results
  • Client case studies
  • Welcoming shots of your clinic or behind the scenes content
  • Staff stories about how they became qualified
  • A video compilation that reveals a day in the life of an aesthetic specialist
  • Bust some of the myths about certain treatments or call out bad practice
  • Interviews where previous customers talk about treatments they have received

Be human

Many people get a little awkward when there’s a camera pointing straight at them. When filming staff or client stories, consider positioning the camera off to the side – so the subject isn’t staring straight down the lens.

Whether shooting videos or capturing photos, do your best to make people feel at ease. Create a comfortable, conversational environment. An unforced smile is a thousand times more compelling than something awkward and fake. Again, it’s about authenticity.

Once you strip away the science, marketing is simply about human connection.

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Professional yes, perfect no

Your photos don’t need to look perfect. Especially when it comes to social media advertising – where users are becoming numb to ads that are too polished. Without wishing to labour the point, authenticity is compelling. Particularly on platforms like TikTok where self-generated content rules. It’s important that your visual material looks professional. But spending hours in pursuit of perfection is perhaps not the most productive use of your time.

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Outcomes and process – not procedures

People go to aesthetic clinics because they want a certain outcome: whether that’s physical, emotional or both. Those outcomes are the things you want to showcase in your marketing. It’s also good to talk about the process that certain procedures follow. Educating your audience about certain treatments can help them visualise whether it’s right for them.

But when it comes to your visual content, don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on procedures – or people receiving them. Often, sharing images of people about to receive a needle to the forehead is not the best way to attract new customers. People want positive outcomes – and to understand where your treatments can take them to, from where they are now.

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Get consent

Never, never use a photo or video of a client for anything without asking their permission and explaining how you want to use it. Incentivise your customers by giving them a discount on their next treatment – and secure yourself some future business as well as compelling marketing content in one hit.

Your ad spend is precious.
So do your ads, better.

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